Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Job!!

Wow...I don't know where to start. More than a month ago Dave and I were talking about going back to where he's from, near Lake Tahoe. His family's from there and he's always lived there and missed it. I was willing to make a change (I've been at DHP for over 9 years!) but only if I could get a job that was worth leaving my current job for.

We kept an eye on what was opening in the area and a job came open for Fort Churchill State Historic Park near Silver Springs, NV. I applied, then called the park for a little more information. I was told to not live in Silver Springs but to check out communities like Fernley or Yerington, maybe even Dayton. At this point I hadn't been contacted for an interview, so it was just gathering information. I looked it up online and checked it out.

A few weeks later Dave and I were driving in the La Sals and I got a phone call from a Joy Elwood saying they would "very much like to interview" me. I called back immediately, set up the date for August 24, which was about three weeks away--or more, I don't remember. I read about the park, then had an idea that I should visit the park before the interview. I really wanted to see it and find out what I was "getting myself into." We made plans to visit, called the park to set up a day where someone was there to show us around and left the next week. It's a 12-hour drive so I thought it might be crazy but really wanted to see it.

I didn't take any pictures during the visit, so these are all stolen:

Buckland Station is where I will be most of the time. The purpose of this new position is to keep it open for tours, start a docent program and provide community outreach.

Ruins from Fort Churchill, a Civil War-era fort built to protect Mormon settlers from Indian attacks.

The visitor center/museum.

I interviewed on August 24, then found out that 100 people had applied for the job. They said 40 of those were qualified and they chose 13 to interview. Once I heard that I stopped worrying--lots of odds and lots of people interested! BUT on Friday after the interview I got a phone call from the manager saying it was a tough choice and it came down to me and one other person. I had the interpretive experience; she had the farming/ranching experience. They slept on it and then decided to hire me! Wow....I am still in shock! So....I had to accept the job, call Dave, then not look forward to giving my notice at the park!

I am excited! We'll see how this goes....I will be there in about a month...not enough time and I HATE moving....but I think it's for the best and it'll be a new adventure! I'll get to do interp, museum work and learn about ranching and farming....haha. Wish me luck :)


Jen said...

That's so awesome!! Congratulations, Kim! You will be amazing, and I hear you on being ready for a new adventure! I can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

Hugh said...

Congratulations. Yay interpreter! I hope the move isn't too stressful.

Gilbrides said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is SO exciting! I am so proud of you! Beating out 99 people is quite the accomplishment!!!

I hope you will really LOVE this new job as well as your new home! Best of luck!!!