Saturday, August 13, 2011

Josh Groban Fan

Soooo....On our trip last week (Wed-Fri) Dave and I went to NV to visit friends and see some new scenery. This is the story about what happened on the way home (well, I guess it's one of many that could be told).

There are very long stretches of highway out towards Hinkley and Delta, UT from Ely, NV. There is no cell service and no good radio stations. We did listen to tons of Republican radio (Rush Limbaugh) and debaters about the next presidential campaign though! The Great Basin is beautiful but makes for a long drive!

I wanted Dave to hear my favorite song: Weeping, by Josh Groban. He cringed, but I went ahead and put it in the CD player anyway. He said he wanted to throw it out the window, so I started another song, thinking it would be better.

Dave rolls down the window while hitting the Eject button, and promptly throws the CD out the car window while we're going 70 mph. I was surprised he actually did it! (Maybe I wasn't really that surprised...after all it's been over a year of dating....).

He said he only did it because I have it saved on my computer at home and can make another copy. I think he just wanted to make a statement...but now I have to retaliate. Maybe by putting Chess in the DVD player and looping it... haha. His statement, "Well, it will make a great Facebook story!" Hm.

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Galadriel said...

Hey, doesn't he know that's littering? (I kind of think he's right though...sorry!)